Prof. Wilhelm Auwärter
TUM, Germany

Title: Molecules on 2D Templates: Interface Characterization and On-Surface Reactions (Abstract)

Prof. Johannes Barth
TU Munich, Germany

Title: Probing assembly, vibrational excitations and switching at the molecular level (Abstract)

Prof. Michael Bauer
University of Kiel, Germany

Talk: Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in 2D- and 3D Dirac Materials (Abstract)

Dr. Ralph Ernstorfer
FHI Berlin, Germany

Title: Ultrafast multidimensional spectroscopy and diffraction of nanoscale materials (Abstract)

Prof. Yukio Hasegawa
University of Tokyo, Japan

Title: Surface states superconductivity by scanning tunneling microscopy (Abstract)

Prof. Jiro Itatani
University of Tokyo, Japan

Title: Attosecond soft-x-ray spectroscopy of NO molecules using intense IR sources(Abstract)

Dr. Nicholas Karpowicz
CNR Nanotec, Italy

Title: Electric-field-resolved wide-field near-field imaging (Abstract)

Prof. Ulf Kleineberg
LMU Munich, Germany

Title: Attosecond band structure dynamics in solids studied by HHG-ARPES

Prof. Fumio Komori
University of Tokyo, Japan

Title: Electron dynamics in topological surface and twisted bilayer graphene (Abstract)

Dr. Tatiana Latychevskaia
PSI, Switzerland

Title: Holographic and convergent beam electron diffraction imaging (Abstract)  

Prof. Ryusuke Matsunaga
University of Tokyo, Japan

Talk: Ultrafast dynamics in superconductor and Dirac semimetal with efficient terahertz harmonic generation (Abstract)

Dr. Hamed Merdji
CEA Saclay, France

Talk: Strong Field Attosecond Optoelectronics (Abstract)

Dr. Johann Riemensberger
EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

Title: Absolute photoemission time delays from elemental surfaces and adsorbates (Abstract)

Prof. Armin Scrinzi
LMU, Munich, Germany

Title: Origins of attosecond delays (Abstract)

Prof. Olga Smirnova
MBI Berlin, Germany

Title: Synthetic Chiral Light for Extremely Efficient Laser-Controlled Chiral Discrimination (Abstract)

Dr. Adriana Szeghalmi
Fraunhofer IOF, Jena, Germany

Title: Iridium-Alumina Nanolaminates for Epsilon Near-Zero Coatings in the DUV Spectral Range (Abstract)  

Dr. Vladislav Yakovlev
MPQ, Garching, Germany

Talk: Ultrafast strong-field excitation of solids (Abstract)
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